Dear guest,

Our goal has always been to take care of our guests, so we would like to inform you that thinking about you and our employees,

we have implemented a health safety protocol to make our hotel a safe and comfortable environment, and it consists among other measures:

- Our guests will be able to register online without contact

- It is planned to open the doors of the rooms through an application that can be installed on the mobile

- All our employees have undergone medical check-ups, including the Covid 19

- All our employees have received special Covid 19 training from our company in occupational hazards

- All the rooms and surfaces of the Hotel are disinfected with products approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health and with EU authorisation

- Our employees wear masks, gloves and face shields.

- Safety distances are marked in the common areas, there are separation screens and guests are informed about safety rules at check-in.

- Masks and gloves are available for guests (if needed). We have provided hydrogel dispensers in all rooms and common areas.

Thank you for trusting the Minister Boutique Hotel, if you would like more information please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.