Hotel Minister

Sustainable holidays

Our philosophy

Sustainability is for us a value of vital importance in our business philosophy and that is why we share with our staff and our guests our vision in this regard, committed to promoting the conservation of the natural resources of our environment and thus be part of the group of local economic activities that are sustainable over time, while reducing the impact of the carbon footprint.

Our establishment is located in a unique landscape and natural environment called "Sierra de Tramuntana", declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the category of Cultural Landscape in 2011. We are proud of our land, which is of international tourist interest, so it is our duty to contribute to its conservation through the dissemination of specific information about its historical, natural, agricultural and cultural values and qualities of our heritage.

Sierra de tramuntana

In recent years, we have implemented measures in line with the principles of sustainable tourism. The criteria taken into account are mainly environmental, without forgetting that they influence our entire socio-cultural environment.

Responsible consumption, starting from the heart of our hotel

  • our rooms. We have eliminated the single-dose bottles of Amenities, thus eliminating the excess of plastics. At the same time our new Amenities are 100% ecological, guaranteeing the care and well-being of our guests, products which do not contain parabens, petrolatum or silicones, with a vegan formula and studied to minimise allergies. We carefully select our suppliers to maintain our high quality standards. The dispensers in which our products are contained are made from 100% recycled plastics.
  • Elimination of all plastic crockery, cutlery, straws or any plastic "take away" containers in our catering area.

Measures to reduce water consumption

  • Our toilets are dual flush or reduced flush. We offer our guests the opportunity to be part of the "Green Stay" movement, they can waive the daily cleaning service, reusing towels, and with this small gesture they will contribute to safeguarding the environment with the consequent reduction of water and use of cleaning products.

Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Purchasing local and seasonal products from local suppliers, providing our guests with high quality food from our local gastronomy and at the same time contributing to the development of the local economy.

Measures to save energy

  • The use of low consumption LED lights, all our windows are double glazed, we have a bicycle parking for our guests to facilitate the use of bicycles, lighting with motion sensors, electricity from green energy sources.

Measures to reduce the amount of waste

  • we have our own mineral water dispenser, thus avoiding plastic bottles. Sorting and recycling of any waste, recycling bins available to our guests. Internal company policy of awareness to combat food waste through the use of prevention, reduction, recycling and finally disposal measures.


  • We have invested heavily in solar panels to generate much of the energy we need to run our establishment.


  • Chargers for electric cars have been installed in our car park, a further boost for the consumption of clean energies, providing benefits such as the reduction of harmful gas emissions.

We are deeply grateful to our staff and our guests for their collaboration in this project, the future is in our hands.